Welcome to Tenoch  Coffee House

A fusion Coffee House where you can enjoy traditional handcrafted drinks, desserts, and snacks.

If you are willing to know what Mayan Spiced Cocoa taste like then you need to try our Cafe-Xocolatl. Or have you ever tried a Cafe de Olla, a traditional coffee in Mexico brewed in a clay pot with cinnamon sticks, brown sugar molasses and orange pilled, Mmmmmm irresistible.....

Along with our large selection of beverages, we also offer breakfast burritos, empanadas, salads, croissan'wiches, full-flavor soups and homemade specialty desserts. Anything you order, we assured of curiously delicious, high-quality beverages as well as food items and prompt, friendly and courteous service.

We offer

Freshly brewed coffee selections (organic gourmet coffee regular, decaf).
Purchase roasted beans for home brewing (whole bean or ground).
Full espresso service (cappuccinos, macchiato, lechero and specialties).
Select teas including chai, herbal and decaffeinated.
Smoothies, Blended Ice-Coffee FRAPPES drinks.
Mexican sodas and other cold beverages.
Churros, muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls.
Our savory recipe food filled empanadas
Breakfast burritos, Breakfast croissan wiches, homemade specialty desserts, And a lot more......

8450 E. Iliff ave  Unit 4,  Denver Co. 80231
(303) 745 4814  
6 :30 am - 7 :00 pm
8 :00 am - 5 :00 pm
8 :00 am - 1 :00 pm

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8450 E. Iliff ave  Unit 4,  Denver Co. 80231